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New TDM Data Visualization Interface Supports Research at all Levels

Users with and without coding experience can now use ProQuest’s TDM Studio to identify trends, generate insights and make new discoveries

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA  ()

Text and data mining (TDM) is now accessible to all researchers – even those without coding experience – thanks to a new visualization interface in ProQuest TDM Studio. The new interface enables TDM to extend beyond pure research and into teaching and learning by enabling students to explore large datasets.

Researchers and students across all academic disciplines can use the TDM Studio visualization features to quickly analyze massive volumes of data and spot trends and patterns. Powerful and insightful visualizations, beginning with geographic analysis, can be created in minutes instead of the hours it takes with other systems. An interactive display shows changes over time and allows users to dive into a specific cluster to explore trends in a geographic locale.

“ProQuest TDM Studio is an exciting and accessible platform for introducing students to the possibilities of text mining,” said Marco Duranti, Senior History Lecturer at the University of Sydney, whose university has been piloting the TDM Studio visualization features in a variety of courses and workshops. “The tool transformed how my students and I approached our exploration of human rights controversies in a historical perspective. It illuminated not only the transformational impact of data science on our field, but also the value of combining computational analyses with traditional humanities approaches.”

“TDM is becoming a necessary skill across disciplines to help us better understand and evaluate data in new ways,” said Mindy Pozenel, Director of Product Management for ProQuest TDM Studio. “Most existing TDM tools require some knowledge of coding and an understanding of data structures, but today, a new visualization interface in TDM Studio makes this type of analysis accessible to everyone. Researchers with coding experience will continue to benefit from TDM Studio’s development environment.” 

From an initial idea to the final output, TDM Studio leverages the power of a library’s ProQuest content to help researchers make new connections and uncover career-defining outcomes. TDM Studio offers access to rights-cleared content from ProQuest subscriptions and purchases. This content is applicable across disciplines and can be applied to many different research questions.

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