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Making the most of SharePoint

This seminar considers how to start using SharePoint within organisations and considers success stories from practitioners who are successfully using SharePoint in their organisations.


As part of its three-year programme, NetIKX, the Network for Information and Knowledge Exchange, is holding a joint seminar with CLSIG, CILIP's Commercial, Legal and Scientific Information Group, on SharePoint, as a follow-up to our very successful joint event SharePoint - present and future in 2010.

SharePoint is now ubiquitous - there are very few organisations that do not use it in one form or another.  Publicity touts it as the answer to most of our information management challenges, so why then do we have so many examples and stories of information management practitioners who are not happy with the implementation in their organisation?

The seminar considers how to start to using SharePoint within organisations, and more importantly, what can be learnt from practitioners who are successfully using SharePoint in their organisation:

  • How they are using it?
  • What business objectives does SharePoint meet for them?
  • Which areas of their business are benefitting from it?

It will be an opportunity for participants to understand how SharePoint can be used within an organisation and will include case studies from high profile organisations that are using SharePoint.  It will be an opportunity to explore in detail how they are doing so, and what they are achieving. 

The seminar will commence with a Keynote presentation followed by three case studies which participants will have an opportunity to examine and discuss in more detail.

The keynote speaker Graham Monk, Deputy Head of Profession for the Knowledge and Information Management (KIM) Profession in the Department of Work and Pensions, and the case studies will be presented by James Andrews, Knowledge and Information Management Officer at the British Red Cross, Hugh O' Neill, Knowledge Manager, EMEA for Jones Lang LaSalle, and John Quinn, Department for Education, cross-government Programme Director for Collaboration on the G-Cloud.

NetIKX seminars are held six times a year, in the afternoon, at a central London venue.  They usually consist of a presentation by one or more speakers, followed by workshop sessions.  There is a very strong emphasis on networking, allowing those present to exchange and share, supported not only by the workshops, but also by informal opportunities provided by the tea and coffee break and the wine and nibbles served at the end of the meeting. More information on this seminar and on NetIKX generally can be found at

Attendance for this seminar is free to NetIKX members, individual and corporate, £10 to CLSIG members, and £25 to non-members.  Non-members joining NetIKX within a month of attendance at a seminar will have their attendance fee deducted from their subscription.

The next meeting in the series is a seminar on risk management, taking place in July 2011. 


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