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FIZ AutoDoc with innovative features for rights management

Co-operation between FIZ Karlsruhe and RightsDirect offers customers new rights management features when ordering journal articles via FIZ AutoDoc.

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Karlsruhe, April 2015.  FIZ Karlsruhe — Leibniz-Institute for Information Infrastructure has again enhanced its document delivery service, FIZ AutoDoc. Before ordering a full-text article, customers can already verify the document’s license coverage under the VG WORT Digital Copyright License or other licenses granted by RightsDirect. This new feature was developed together with RightsDirect, a global provider of licensing and content solutions. The integration with FIZ AutoDoc is available through the DirectPathTM Application Programming Interface (API) offered by RightsDirect and its parent company Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC).


“We are convinced that the possibility to determine the licensing status during the ordering process is one more innovative usage option for our FIZ AutoDoc customers, and that it constitutes a significant value-add. Before they place their order, users can already obtain information on their in-house copyright license and check whether the desired publication is available to be used under this license,“ says Dr. Rainer Stuike-Prill, Vice President Marketing & Sales at FIZ Karlsruhe. “With RightsDirect we have found the internationally most renowned partner in the rights management and licensing sector that provides a technically sophisticated platform.”


Kim Zwollo, Managing Director, RightsDirect, adds: “We are pleased to collaborate with FIZ Karlsruhe in offering our mutual customers in the research and information community around the globe optimum visibility into their license coverage and additional licensing options for important documents through the integration of our rights database DirectPath.”




FIZ AutoDoc (, FIZ Karlsruhe’s web-based, automated and copyright-compliant document delivery service, partners with numerous renowned national and international libraries and publishing houses. Scientific journal articles, conference proceedings, and patent documents are mainly made available electronically (pdf). Another asset of FIZ AutoDoc is that it can be easily integrated into the customer’s workflow.


RightsDirect provides licensing solutions that make copyright compliance easy, allowing companies to re-use and share the most relevant digital content across borders. With RightsDirect copyright licenses and complementary information management tools, users can instantly check license coverage, manage permissions and optimize content workflow in one integrated solution. Based in Amsterdam and with a presence in Tokyo, RightsDirect is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). Working in close partnership with the world's leading rightsholders and collective societies, RightsDirect offers licensing and content solutions that reflect the needs of local and global organizations. Together, CCC and RightsDirect serve more than 35,000 companies and over 12,000 rightsholders around the globe. For more information about RightsDirect and its licensing solutions please contact: Joerg Weizendoerfer, Phone: +49-89 -745 45 133, e-mail


FIZKarlsruheLeibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure ( is a not-for-profit limited liability company and the largest non-academic information infrastructure institution in Germany. As such, its public mission is to develop and provide products and services for an information infrastructure to science, research, and industry. FIZ Karlsruhe strives to strengthen the transfer of knowledge in Germany and abroad and to support the promotion of innovation. FIZ Karlsruhe is a member of the Leibniz Association, which comprises almost 90 institutions involved in research activities and/or the development of scientific infrastructure.

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