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Bowker announces University of Salford as the first Prism 2 library to implement Syndetic Solutions


Internet  Librarian  International  Showcase  Sponsor  (14  &  15  October,  London)  Bowker  is  pleased  to  announce that  the  University  of  Salford  has  chosen  Syndetic  Solutions  to  provide  catalogue  enrichments  within  their  Talis Prism  2  library  catalogue  making  this  the  first  Prism  2  catalogue  in  the  UK  and  Ireland  to  have  successfully implemented  Syndetic  Solutions.  

In  late  2009,  Bowker  sought  volunteers  within  the  Prism  community  to  test  out  Syndetic  Solutions  for themselves.   Bowker  made  available  technical  documentation  and  provided  support  throughout  the  testing process.    

The  University  of  Salford  rose  to  the  challenge  and  the  results  can  now  be  seen  on  their  online  catalogue  at  They  have  chosen  to  subscribe  to  Cover  Images,  Tables  of  Content and Summaries/Annotations.   Andy  Bourne,  Applications  Support  Analyst,  Justin  Wood,  Library & Repository Systems Officer, and  Jenny  McNally,  Digital  Developments  Officer  at  Salford  have  worked  on  this  initiative.  

Jenny  said:  "We  wanted  to  refresh  the  look  of  our  catalogue  and  add  value  for  our  users.  We  think  adding Syndetics  to  Prism  2  has  achieved  this  and  are  delighted  with  the  improvement  to  our  OPAC.  "  

Andy  said:  "Syndetics  provide  JavaScript  code  (using  the  jQuery  library)  that  updates  catalogue  web  pages  on?the?fly.    We  used  significant  portions  of  the  Syndetics  code  but  also  wrote  a  small  amount  of  new  code  to adapt  the  system  to  work  wit  Prism  2.   The  fact  that  the  Syndetics  code  uses  jQuery  led  us  to  use  the  same library  in  our  own  code  and  this  made  the  work  consideraby  easier  than  it  would  have  been  with  older JavaScript/DOM  programming  techniques."   

Darren  Roberts,  Regional  Sales  Manager  at  Bowker  adds  "We  are  always  excited  when  Syndetic  Solutions  is successfully  implemented  in  an  otherwise  untried  library  system.   The  staff  at  Salford  University  grabbed  this opportunity  with  both  hands  and  the  results  can  now  be  seen.   This  paves  the  way  for  other  libraries  running Prism  2  to  make  use  of  the  world's  leading  catalogue  enrichment  service".  

The  library  will  produce  a  document  that  explains  how  to  integrate  Syndetic  Solutions  into  Prism  2.   This  will  be available  from  both  the  library  and  from  Bowker.  

Libraries  interested  in  a  no  obligation  trial  to  Syndetic  Solutions  can  contact  Darren  Roberts  via  

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About  Syndetic  Solutions  

Syndetic  Solutions  is  the  catalogue  enrichment  service  of  choice  being  found  in  thousands  of libraries  worldwide and  over  140  subscribing  institutions  across  the  UK  and  Ireland,  including national  collections,  academic  libraries, public  libraries,  health  libraries  and  other  specialist collections.   Enrichment  options  include  Cover  Images,  Tables of  Content,  Summaries,  First Chapters,  Author  Biographies  and  much  more  ? with  data  gathered  from  a  variety of sources through  our  UK  data  collection  centre  and  U.S  and  Australian  ISBN  agencies.  

About  the  University  of  Salford  

The  University  of  Salford  is  home  to  almost  20,000  students  and  over  2,500  employees  on  a  green  campus only  a  mile  and  a  half  fom  Manchester  city  centre  

It  offers  an  exceptional  learning  environment  for  students,  with  strong  opportunities  in research  and  enterprise and  plays  a  key  role  in  connecting  with,  and  regenerating  local communities.  

From  2011  the  University  will  have  a  presence  at  the  MediaCityUK  development  at  Salford Quays.   Staff  and students  from  all  areas  of  the  University  will  make  use  of  this  cutting?edge facility,  located  at  the  heart  of  five major  BBC  departments.  

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