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Tuesday, 06 February 2024

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Cyberattacks on major libraries, including the British Library and the Toronto (Canada) Public Library, have had a crippling effect on their ability to provide even routine services. We look at what happened, the repercussions, the cost involved to recover and how to prevent such calamities going forward.

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New solution integrates curated data from Pivot-RP to the Web of Science and offers an expanded view of the funding landscape.

Developed and tested with the research community, Scopus AI combines the world's largest database of curated scientific literature with responsible AI.

Paper mills are a real threat to the integrity of the scholarly record. Collective effort is needed because no individual stakeholder can solve this problem alone.

Cactus Communications has partnered with Elsevier to make over 19 million research article abstracts available on R Discovery. This collaboration will allow the global research community to access all of Elsevier's high-quality content in one place.