Working with users to transform libraries

Internet Librarian International 2017 devotes a full-day track to understanding how libraries are working with users to redesign services, spaces and to understand usage.

Librarians have always been close to their users and communities. It’s critical to their success - and survival.  At this year's Internet Librarian International (ILI) conference librarians from around the world will share their exeriences of collaborating with users, whether it be to redesign services and spaces or to monitor and measure how they really use library services.

Users, UX and Usage

By working with users and being led by both users' expressed needs and by their observed behaviour, libraries can totally transform their service offerings. New and innovative ways of understanding the user experience can have a profound impact on service design.

In this track, librarians share their stories of seeking a deeper understanding of users, including:

  • How a library refurbishment programme was led by student behaviour and resulted in a new zoning system - and a ‘love where you learn' campaign. 
  • How a library renovation project used a variety of methods to gather data from library users to provide insight to staff, the architect and the designers.
  • How an academic library found new UX-inspired ways to develop real insights into user behaviours and service use after it stopped surveying students!
  • How a public library service used customer journey mapping to gain a deeper understanding of user needs, expectations and behaviours.
  • How a traditional hospital library service transformed itself to support and reflect the 24/7 NHS.
  • How data visualisation is being used to convey complex library usage data
  • How every single question asked in a library over two years has created a unique collection of user data that continues to inform service design.

You can read the full conference programme here.