Why we post: social media through the eyes of the world

An extraordinary research project has explored the role of social media in people's everyday lives.

An extraordinary research project sponsored by the European Research Council has explored the role of social media in people’s everyday lives.  Nine anthropologists spent 15 months living with communities around the world:

  • Brazil – Bahia in the north east
  • Chile – a municipality in the north
  • China – an industrial town and a rural area
  • India – five villages near Chennai
  • Italy – a small town in the south
  • Trinidad – a relatively undeveloped area
  • Turkey – a town close to the Syrian border
  • UK – two linked villages in southern England

The outputs include OA books and wonderful videos.  Be prepared to shed a tear or two!

Social media is NOT making us more individualistic

Social media as an educational tool

Users create social media – not developers

A visit to the website and to the many resources published there is highly recommended.