Two innovative ideas from public libraries

Just in case you missed them, two great innovative library marketing initiatives have been picked up by the media recently.First, on a Harvard Business Review (HBR) blog, Grant McCracken (who by the way describes the public library rather wonderfully as ‘a place of possibility'), described the Stuffed Animal Sleepover at his local library.Children brought in their toys and left them for a 'sleepover'.  The toys were photographed having adventures (being read to, playing on the computers) in the library at night time.  The librarians shared the pictures of their adventures with their children the next day.  Through this initiative, the children began to see the library as a place of magical happenings and the library was able to do things that digital experiences could not.Second, a wonderful idea from Slovenia and picked up by  Ljubljana City Library ran an initiative offering mystery book packs to customers.  The mystery packages simply had a sticker denoting a literary genre and librarians advised them further on their choices.  Each parcel provided three books - a contemporary work, a classic and one ‘easy to read'.   As Springwise noted, the book packs provided an example of what public libraries do best.  They provided an enjoyable, curated and personalised experience to customers.