Twitter and advertising

Twitter has been enhancing its advertising services as it continues to increase its revenues.  Improvements include a new advertising API and an upgraded dashboard which provides more performance data to advertisers.Twitter's ‘business' site has also been enhanced with new content to help businesses use Twitter to better engage with their audiences.  The website provides some basic and advanced tips for using the tool for marketing purposes and also features some excellent case studies from a wide range of organisations.  This content features lessons learned which can be searched by company size, sector, product and - interestingly - by campaign goals.Twitter success storiesWhat is the main goal or purpose of your Twitter campaign?  The case studies on the Twitter site are grouped by client goals, including: drive sales, increase the number of followers; educate and inform; brand awareness; product launch and increase engagement.  Once you are clear about the main goal of any campaign, then you can begin to focus on the best tactics.  Once again, the site enables you to search by approach, including direct response and partnership models.Each of the case studies features measurement data including numbers of new customers/ orders/ follows and ROI.  If you have colleagues who may be looking for more information about the value of Twitter as a marketing or engagement tool, they may find the content of value.Meanwhile, eMarketer has revised (upwards) its predicted advertising earnings for Twitter, forecasting that the social network will earn almost $1billion in 2014.Mobile drives growth

  • 53% of Twitter's advertising revenues will come from mobile advertising in 2013
  • 2013 mobile advertising revenue will total $309million (2012 total = $138million)
  • By 2015 Twitter's advertising revenues will be $1.3billion, with over 60% coming from mobile
  • 83% of advertising revenue in 2013 will come from the US (down from 90% in 2012)
Source: eMarketer.  Further reading on TechCrunch.