The power of user-generated content

Word of mouth is one of the most trusted forms of advertising.

Word of mouth is not a new phenomenon, but social media has given customers countless opportunities to create content and share feedback. 

In a new report* review and ratings firm Reevoo (which curated 1.7 million customer reviews in 2014) explores the power of user-generated content and encourages companies to embrace user conversations and create a sense of community by incorporating the content onto their websites

Why user-content is so powerful

  • 70% of consumers trust recommendations from friends over professionally written content
  • 50% trust reviews over any other content source
  • 1 in 5 customers are happy to publish a review
  • Those who read reviews are over three times as likely to convert to a sale

Key ideas and recommendations

  • Incorporate user content on to websites and into campaigns
  • Introduce a peer-to-peer model – encouraging users to speak to each other
  • Authentication of customer reviews is essential – the content has to be seen to be trustworthy

The other side of the coin - 'company-generated content'

Writing on econsultancy about their award-winning blog, Graham Charlton outlines some key business benefits of blogging.  These include:

  • improved search engine optimisation
  • a key element of a broader social media policy
  • building the brand
  • demonstrating authority
  • sharing ideas
  • increasing web traffic

*The Pursuit of Happiness: The Road to Customer Advocacy 

Sources: Reevoo; Retail Times; econsultancy.