The issues facing STM publishers

In 2004, Richard Poynder interviewed Derk Haank, who had moved from Elsevier Science to head Springer, a company formed by the merger of BertelsmannSpringer and Kluwer Academic Press.   Now, in a wide-ranging interview for Information Today, Richard has again interviewed Derk.  Their conversation covered many of the key issues facing STM publishers and their institutional customers. When Derk joined Springer, he made the decision to launch Open Choice - a hybrid open access (OA) model that led the way for other subscription-based publishers.  With the purchase of open access publisher BioMed Central (BMC) in 2008, Springer became the world's largest open access  publisher.  With the launch of SpringerOpen in 2010, Springer created a range of ‘pure' OA (sometimes known as Gold) journals in the STM field.Derk considers OA to simply be one of several business models pursued by Springer. The ‘traditional' subscription model is just as sustainable as OA now and into the foreseeable future.   However, Springer will be looking to the potential of ‘nontraditional' markets too - smaller institutions, individuals and businesses for example might find Springer content of interest if the right pricing/access model can be found - via the iPad or other mobile devices perhaps.The full interview can be found here, and provides an illuminating overview of the issues facing STM publishers - from OA and pricing to the ever-increasing growth in research.