Technology predictions for 2011

The BBC's Peter Day interviews the technology commentator Mark Anderson about his predictions for technology in the year ahead, and reviews his predictions for 2010.One of Anderson's key predictions is that there will be a more conscious 'split' of content and technology.  This will result in the separation of the 'secure' from the 'open'.  There will be greater understanding of the issues surrounding information security.  CEOs and governments are beginning to comprehend the vulnerability of information and intellectual property.   Organisations will need to consider and enable the physical disengagement of what Anderson calls their 'crown jewels' from the rest of their content in cloud environments.  The smart telephone world will also split in half.  'Social' users are less concerned about putting their lives onto the net, whereas organisations will seek to protect high value content. The 'golden age' of microapps is over.  2011 will see increased levels and rates of charging as the market becomes more commercial. Anderson also outlines why he considers Google as a company that has lost its way ("so much money and so little idea of how to spend it").  He considers Google an organisation that does not really know what business it is in. Other predictions include the 'mainstreaming' of e-book readers and electric cars. No doubt we will continue to be inundated with end of year reviews and new year predictions in the weeks ahead.  Anderson's has his own acronym to sum up 2011 "VEVEM - Very Exciting and Very Messy". Can't wait!