Students - leading the way or falling behind?

Two interesting pieces of research look at how students are interacting with digital information and e-resources.A recent CourseSmart survey finds that more students are bringing laptops to class than a print textbook.  Only 5% said that a print textbook was the most important item in their bag.  90% of respondents said that the use of digital devices, e-readers etc helps them to save study time.  68% estimate they are saving at least two hours a day by using technology.On average, students are using three devices per day - and 40% of them claim they can't go for more than ten minutes without using some form of digital technology.Easybib, a service which creates citations, has analysed the websites that students use most frequently - and discovered that four of the top ten are user generated sites including YouTube, and Wikipedia.Easybib has created an infographic (available here) which shows the key role of librarians in helping develop students information literacy skills.  The company will also work with the American Library Association to spread awareness of the importance of digital/information literacy.