Poor document management affects US companies

There is a massive gap between policy and performance.

Accusoft, a document and imaging company, surveyed 100 US IT managers and 250 employees to build a picture of document management practices and concerns.  The report also addresses how organisations are managing BYOD challenges. 

Key findings:

  • 92% of companies say they have a document management policy, but
  • This high number is let down by a lack of regular training and guidance
  • 43% say their employees don’t always comply with procedures
  • 20% of employees say they don’t know what document management tools their employer uses
  • Document handling training is intermittent in many companies
  • Only half of companies regularly update their employees on policies

The employees who participated in the research outlined the day-to-day challenges of working on documents. 

  • 23% of employees say they are asked to keep track of too many versions
  • 20% say accessing documents via mobile devices is too difficult
  • 36% say poor file management has incurred project delay in the last six months

The problem of mobile

  • 74% of organisations have implemented a BYOD policy
  • Only half of these companies require that employee devices are approved by the IT department
  • 59% of employees open work documents from their mobile devices
  • Over 60% of employees are accessing their email via their mobiles at least once a day

These findings closely echo the findings of this study of European organisations.

Download the full story here.