Multiscreen and mobile

A global study of 15,000 mobile web users in 14 countries* explored how consumers are interacting with visual content across a variety of devices.  The report outlines opportunities for businesses and marketers to connect with consumers in new ways.Key findings:

  • 62% of mobile web users engage in multiscreen activities while viewing TV
  • 48% use social media
  • 46% use instant messaging
  • 30% play games or listen to music
  • 18% search for additional information about the products seen on TV
  • News, comedy, sports and reality programmes generated the most multiscreen time
Lessons from marketers
  • Incentivise engagement - reward viewers for viewing content
  • Gamify - engage with users across multiscreen platforms
  • Generate social conversation with hashtags
  • Create transmedia opportunities
  • Know your audience - understand on which channels/tools they are most active and encourage engagement
  • Simplicity - make calls to action uncomplicated
  • Relevance - increase engagement with appropriate messages at the appropriate time
  • Re-engage - social conversations should not be one-offs
* 15,000 mobile users from Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Kenya, Korea, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore, UK, US were surveyed by InMobi.[Follow Val Skelton on Google+]