More networking in 2011

Reading the papers over the new year, the general impression seemed to be that new year's resolutions are not to be taken too seriously.  I have already cast most of the papers into the recycling, but I have kept hold of the Guardian's Weekend Magazine for Oliver Burkeman's article (Abandon your resolutions)!Burkeman recommends some 'unplugged' time as a way to regain the upper hand over our information sources.  He is speaking of maybe one or two hours a day when we don't feel compelled to check our feeds/blogs/facebook accounts etc.  This concept was taken further by Susan Maushart in her gloriously titled Winter of our disconnect (currently book of the week on BBC Radio 4), who imposed six months of 'techno silence' on three teenagers.  Ouch!Meanwhile, Burkeman describes the increased interest in 'self tracking', using apps to measure anything from your daily water intake to the quality of your sleep.   If nothing else, tracking enables us to benefit from the 'Hawthorne Effect' - the very act of monitoring something can influence a positive change in your behaviour.   My professional resolution this year is perfectly simple.  I am resolved that in 2011 I will create more unplugged time to make better use of the networking opportunities available to me.  After being taken to a great event by a friend in December, I have remembered once again the value of face-to-face conversations and interactions.  I am already filling my diary with events and am really looking forward to meeting up with old colleagues and making new acquaintances.  My first event, already booked, is the NetIKX meeting on 19th January at which Nicky Whitsted and Hazel Hall will discuss social media in the context of IM/KM policies and strategies.  I'm really looking forward to it!