Millennials on Millennials

Millennials are now the largest generational group in the USA.

Nielsen has published Millennials on Millennials. The report synthesises a range of Nielsen data and a customised survey to explore the evolving media habits of what is now America’s largest generational group.

Nielsen plans to release bi-annual reports exploring how millennials interact with the media industry.

TV-connected devices

Although TV provides most of this groups video-viewing millennials love their TV-connected devices.  Devices such as games consoles, tablets or digital streaming services account for 23% of this group’s video viewing (compared to just 6% of those over 35). Millennials spend 27% less time watching ‘traditional TV).

A distracted audience

Millennials were much less likely to change the channel during advert breaks than other demographics (fewer than 2% of millennials did so, compared to 8% of those over 55). However, they are almost certainly using this time to engage with their devices.  They certainly had lower programme engagement than other sectors of the population and scored lowest on ad memorability. However, millennials understand that adverts are a necessity and 46% aren’t bothered by them on their devices if this means that the content they are watching is free. 

Social media stars

Respondents to the survey were asked to list favourite celebrities and numerous respondents named social media stars. The findings show that male millennials have a higher opinion of social media stars then the do for sports stars, pop stars and actors.

Source: Nielsen.