Lower teen crime rates - is the internet responsible?

Apparently the peak age for teenage offending is 15.  A new report claimsthere has been a drastic improvement in the behaviour of 15 year olds in Swedensince the mid-1990s - and researchers are theorising that the internet is (atleast partially) responsible.A report by the Crime Prevention Council of Sweden (Brottsförebyggande rådet -or Brå) based on a survey of 6,500 15-year olds, found for example that 16% of15-year olds admitted to vandalising public property (down from 32% in 1995).Researchers are speculating that changes in teen habits are contributing tothis continuing improvement in behaviour.  Fewer teenagers are meeting upwith friends or hanging around in the 'real world' and are socialising onlineinstead.Meanwhile in the UK in 2012 there was an 8% overall reduction in crime - andobservers and analysts are debating why.  One argument is that there arefewer 'crimes of opportunity' for young offenders (e.g. cars are harder tobreak into). There has certainly been a reduction in the amount of alcoholconsumed in the 16-25 year old age group.  Reports of vandalism began todecline in 2007 - just as smartphones were taking off.  A youth worker, quoted in the Guardian, states there are "so many [other] things for kids to do" these days.