Key digital trends 2017

Ogilvy report for advertising has some interesting messages for libraries.

Global advertising and marketing agency Ogilvy has released its key digital trends for 2017 report (in the shape of a SlideShare presentation).


Chatbots and what to do about them

  • We're spending more time on messaging apps
  • Messaging apps are the number one app for consumers around the world
  • Customers are more demanding – they want customer service on demand and increasingly expect immediate answers
  • Nearly every messaging app has a chatbot solution – or is planning one
  • Is there a business problem in your library that could be solved with the use of a chatbot (e.g. subject expertise; sales and services; customer care)?

Ethics and decision making

  • What happens when machines start to make decisions for us (e.g. algorithms, confirmation bias and fake news)
  • Organisations must be ready to define principles, standards and ethics and focus on developing their ‘human voice’

Video first

  • Facebook’s investment in Live shows its focus on real-time content (arguably Twitter’s only remaining USP)
  • YouTube is pushing back, targeting brands
  • "For the content snacking generation, video is now starter, main and dessert"

Twitter and Facebook

  • Twitter failed to find a buyer in 2016
  • A continuing troll problem
  • But – Twitter is still a conversation influencer
  • Facebook has messed up – and misled with – its metrics

What's also great about the Ogilvy report is that it opens with an honest analysis of how well they performed with their 2016 predictions (some they 'nailed' – others they admit they got 'really' wrong).

The whole presentation is available on SlideShare