January 2011 - learning and networking

When you start to pay attention, you realise just how many amazing opportunities there are to learn from experts and network with our peers - often at a low cost, or as a perk of membership, or even free of charge.  Having made learning and networking a key priority for 2011, I find I am already booked into four such events in January.  Of course, I do benefit from being based in London, but I am still astonished at the choices available.  Here are the events I am scheduled to attend - (so far!):13th January - LIKE (London Information and Knowledge Exchange) - a visit to the British Library's Growing Knowledge exhibition19th January - NetIKX meeting - a session entitled 'Using social media to achieve organisational goals'20th January - RSA The future of WikiLeaks 27th January - LIKE (London Information and Knowledge Exchange) - a session led by Hanna Kazerani on 'Information black holes'If you are planning to host  - or attend - a professional development event in January, do let us know.