Hockney the early adopter

The artist David Hockney always been quick to adopt new technologies in his artistic endeavours.  He has been embracing the iPhone as form of canvas for over two years.  In early 2009, when many of us were still trying to master the basic functions, Hockney was sending his friends paintings of flowers created by using the touchscreen as a canvas.  He has now, of course, begun to add works created by his iPad to his portfolio.  In an interview in the LA Times, he extols the speed and convenience of the iPhone and iPad, which he always carries with him.  In 2010, one of his iPad works was used on the cover of the New Yorker and an animated version was used to help launch the magazine's first ‘table' format.It is expected that the iPad pictures will appear alongside his other recent work at the Royal Academy exhibition scheduled for 2012.