Building Europe's digital economy

If Europe is to fully exploit the benefits of the digital economy, seven priority areas must be met.

The European Commission's Digital Agenda is one strand of its Europe 2020 Strategy.Over the last 15 years, over half of Europe's productivity growth has been ICT driven.  But if Europe is to fully exploit the benefits of the digital economy, it must address the seven key priority areas identified in the Commission's Digital Agenda.A new Single Market to deliver the benefits of the digital era

  • Simplification of copyright clearance, copyright management and cross border licensing. 
  • Better access to pan European telecoms and digital services and content.
 Improve ICT standard-setting and interoperability
  • Interoperability will encourage creation and innovation
Enhance trust and security
  • Coordinated approaches to both data security breaches and data projection legislation
Increase Europeans' access to fast and ultra fast internet
  • Very fast internet is essential for the economic growth.  The Commission will explore how to attract investment in broadband
Boost cutting-edge research and innovation in ICT
  • Increased investment in ICT R&D to ensure our best ideas reach the market.
Empower all Europeans with digital skills and accessible online services
  • Everyone should be able to participate in the digital life
Unleash the potential of ICT to benefit society
  • Online access to medial records
  • Energy saving 
  • Support af aging populations
Making the digital agenda a reality is a key priority.  The documents and background information to the Digital Agenda can be found on the Commission's website.