Budget cuts, usage statistics and renewal campaigns

Ongoing budget pressures are forcing libraries to monitor journal usage statistics more closely than ever before.Accucoms, which provides research and marketing services to academic and professional publishers around the world, has published some interesting statistics summarising five years of running subscription renewal campaigns for its clients.Although renewal rates are fairly stable (currently running at approximately 38%), the percentage of online only renewals has increased over the last five years and now currently accounts for 40% of all renewals in 2011.  Print only renewals have accounted for less than 10% for the last four years.The largest markets, including the US, UK and Spain, are reporting a substantial percentage of budget related cancellation.  Overall the number of respondents who cited ‘lack of budget' as a reason for cancellation has increased from 19% in 2007 to 40% in 2011.When it comes to renewal decision making, librarians are increasingly relying on usage analysis.  In 2007, fewer than 10% stated they were not renewing because of low usage.  This figure had increased to 18% by 2010.Accucoms summarises the report with some advice to publishers regarding customer service and the need for ‘fair and transparent' journal pricing models.You can access the findings via the Accucoms website. .