Bring your own.... device

The blurring of work and personal life and the increasing ownership of mobile devices mean that more people are choosing to use their own devices in the workplace.Whereas once it was the organisation that provided the technology infrastructure to its workers, it is now the users who are making these decisions based on their own preferences.This trend (Bring Your Own Device or BYOD) brings challenges for organisations when it comes to managing access and security but it is important as employees and customers are increasingly expecting instant access to whatever they need, through any channel and via any device.Writing on eChannel Line, Leyland Brown of Hewlett Packard says that companies need to shift their focus away from devices to the actual content.  If they get it right, organisations will find that they can improve the productivity and performance of the workforce by ensuring that they have instant access to the appropriate information delivered in the format of their choice via their own devices.  Sounds like a job for the information professionals!