Back to school: ICT skills for children

In the UK there have been major changes to the National Curriculum - but how will parents cope?

Recent Ofcom figures suggest that the UK’s six-year olds were more tech-savvy than 45 year-olds.  Now, to mark the new school academic year, the UK’s national curriculum is changing the way that ICT is being taught.  Five-year olds will be expected to understand what algorithms are and be able to create and debug simple programs.

How will parents cope with supporting their children through the new syllabus?  According to a survey conducted by mobile company O2 many of them will struggle. Of the 2,000 parents surveyed, 64% had no knowledge of the changes to the curriculum and 33% expressed concern that they would not be able to provide help with homework.  O2 has devised a programme of workshops to assist parents and other 'digitally challenged' individuals.

Meanwhile the BBC is developing TV programmes for children with ICT programing themes.  It is working with a range of partners to develop the broadcast programmes and accompanying online study material. 

If you're lucky, your youngster will become an ICT high-flyer. Michael Sayman has been making money from his apps since he was 13.  He is now 18 and has joined Facebook as a full-time engineer. 

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