Wikimedia: plan to increase offline access

The Wikimedia Foundation and Kiwix announce a global collaboration to increase offline access to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia sites.

The Wikimedia Foundation and Kiwix (open source software that enables offline access to educational content) are to collaborate on plans to expand and improve access to Wikimedia projects around the world.

The partnership includes a $275,000 contribution to Kiwix to further enhance offline access to Wikipedia in parts of the world where consistent, affordable internet connectivity presents a significant barrier to accessing Wikipedia.

The partners will collaborate to: 

  • create a long-term strategy for third party reuse of Kiwix’s free access platform
  • fix longstanding code debt
  • improve Kiwix’s usability across mobile platforms
  • integrate Kiwix’s and the Wikimedia Foundation’s technical operations more closely to create improved Wikipedia offline experiences 

The Wikimedia Foundation and Kiwix have had a long-standing collaborative relationship to expand access to Wikipedia around the world.