New York Times announces paywall plans

The New York Times digital subscription model has been announced, and widely debated.

In a letter to readers, the New York Times (NYT) has announced its plans to introduce digital subscriptions. 

Describing the changes as strengthening the paper's ability to provide high-quality journalism, the changes mean that after 28 March 2011 digital subscriptions will be rolled out globally.

Online users will be able to access up to 20 articles per month, free of charge with the subscription fee payable after this amount has been exceeded.  For smartphone and app users, 'top news' will remain free to access.  Also free to access will be content that has been accessed via a social media link, thus ensuring that content can still be widely read and referenced. 

The proposals have, of course, been scrutinised by many industry observers.  Content Matters providing a summary of the range of responses, and gives its own cautious thumbs up for the plan. 

Picture courtesy of micora, via Flickr.