New HeinOnline database for UK Parliamentary & Government Publications

The new database provides access to millions of pages of key UK Parliamentary materials.

HeinOnline is partnering with Dandy Booksellers to integrate its product, UK Parliamentary & Government Publications (Public Information Online), into Hein’s fully indexed, browsable, and searchable interface. This makes available comprehensive coverage of UK Parliamentary Papers.

UK Parliamentary & Government Publications (Public Information Online) is not just a database; it’s a historical record, a research tool, and a legislative library all in one. It acts as a searchable archive of Parliamentary and official documents from the parliaments of Westminster, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, along with a variety of non-parliamentary material.

This collection will be available to all organizations and institutions for an annual subscription fee, which will provide access to the database in both HeinOnline and Public Information Online’s interface.

For more information, visit Hein’s website

Or read its dedicated blog post.