European Commission: EIFL’s copyright plan

Seven ways to help libraries work in the digital environment.

EIFL, which works with library consortia across Europe, has responded to the EC’s public consultation on copyright with a seven-point plan.

Mandatory exceptions Trans-national activities such as large-scale library digitisation projects and joint research information infrastructures must be facilitated by law.

Inter-library document supply services that meet the needs of researchers and scholars must be supported through an exception.

A right to acquire and lend commercially available e-books to help encourage reading and writing in diverse languages.

Let libraries promote Europe’s cultural heritage in the online environment by permitting access to digitised works within the library network

Sign and ratify the WIPO Marrakesh Treaty for persons with print disabilities as a matter of urgency. Blind people in Europe are being denied access to reading materials that libraries want to provide.

Protect exceptions from overrule by contract. Ensure that exceptions in the Information Society Directive are given binding effect for licensed resources

Establish a European Ombudsman for access to information to provide support to libraries in negotiating fair licences with publishers

Download the full report.