Enterprise Search Europe highlights

Find out more about speakers and sessions developed to help you understand how your users search, and how to respond by building and implementing an effective search strategy in your organisation.

Implementing Website Search in a Major University, Dan Jackson, Senior Web Architect, University College London

In an environment where departments have considerable autonomy there are significant barriers to a unified search experience. Dan describes the challenges of search within an academic context, and talks about UCL’s ongoing search enhancement project.

Teaching People How to Search, Larissa Peeters, Senior Advisor – Advisory Services, Ernst & Young, LLP

Larissa explains how Ernst & Young is focusing on key user behaviour changes to strengthen their overall knowledge model and internal search capability.

Text Mining – Search Technology with a Difference, Michael Upshall, Consultant, ConsultMU

Well known to many of us, digital publishing consultant Michael Upshall sets out the similarities and differences between enterprise search and text mining, and discusses what this means for the delivery of search solutions.

An Industrialised Process to Unlock User Content for Search in a Big Enterprise, Martin Dotter, KM Project Lead, Airbus Operations GmbH

Airbus has developed a search platform for more than 60,000 enterprise users. Martin outlines the technical and organisational aspects of the implementation, discuss the obstacles they encountered, and reveals the best practices which emerged.

Collaborative Search, Martin White, Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd

Extensive research is being carried out into the benefits and challenges of collaborative search, which moves away from reliance on a single user to circulate search results to team members. Conference Chairman, Martin White, summarises research outcomes and what they mean for search in general.

Enterprise Search – Triaging Problems & Prescribing the Right Medicine, Helen Lippell, Strategic MetaData Manager, The Press Association

At a time when information discovery is more relevant than ever, Helen offers an easy-to-follow methodology for quickly diagnosing problems with search and making recommendations for actionable results. Her presentation will be of relevance to a broad range of information professionals including search experts, knowledge managers, information architects and intranet managers.

Enterprise Search Europe takes place in London on 29-30 April. Find out more and register here.