'Compulsive clickers' put business at risk

Over 1,100 UK workers were questioned about their link-clicking habits.

Cyber security firm Sourcefire questioned people about how often they will click through on a link embedded in an email.  They uncovered some worrying statistics and high levels of naivety.

  • 90% of UK workers surveyed have clicked on a web link embedded in an email
  • 66% very rarely check to ensure the link is genuine
  • 92% are more likely to trust a web link in an email if it came from a trusted source
  • 5% never check to see if a link is genuine
  • 10% have no idea how to check

Sourcefire identified three types of 'clicking' behaviour:

Compulsive clickers - 46% of those surveyed can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to clicking links!  24–30 year olds are most likely to click on an unverified web link - 60% of those in that age grout admit they always or often click

Cautious clickers - 44% only occasionally click on a web link sent to them and when they do, 23% of them will check to see if the link is genuine. The most cautious are those aged  55+

Never clickers - Only 10% of those surveyed never click on a web link received via an email.

Source: Sourcewire.