The enterprise information landscape

Personal devices and cloud services mean organisations are losing control of their content.

Organisations are losing control of their data and content.  Employees are increasingly reliant on their own personal devices and cloud services to store content and data. 

According to research conducted by Ipsos Mori (on behalf of collaboration company Huddle) 91% of the 2000 employees interviewed are using personal devices to work on, store and share organisational content.  41% of UK employees stated they waste time looking for e-documents at work. 

Time wasting is not the only frustration noted by employees.  Other issues they noted include:

  • Finding out who has information about a specific project
  • Getting documents approved by others
  • Issues over version control
  • It takes more than one application to complete simple tasks

As the boundaries between work and home continue to blur, more employees want to be mobile.  At the same time, they are feeling overwhelmed by content.  57% of UK workers (53% of US workers) state they feel bombarded by information.

Mobile and collaborative working mean that organisational content is fragmenting and it is becoming harder for companies to maintain version control and manage information risk.  With content fragmented in legacy systems, it can be challenging to find the right information, or even to know if it actually exists.  The cost in time and lost opportunity can be enormous. 

The Huddle white paper is available for download here.

Image courtesy of nojhan via Flickr.