The Independent Digital Archive

The Independent Newspaper has released a digital archive covering 25 years and containing three quarters of a million pages.

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In order to keep pace with today’s fast-changing market for news and content, The Independent has undergone several redesigns. One major change came when it was decided to reflect the growing importance of comment and opinion, by creating a “Viewspaper”. It was a separate section devoted entirely to columns and commentary, to accompany the main newspaper.

Throughout, The Indy has never wavered from its belief in great writing. That passion, possibly an obsession, remains at the heart of everything it does.  The list of star name writers is long. Even more extensive is the roll-call of those who have graced the paper’s pages since inception.  Its famous by-lines include Sebastian Faulks, Andrew Marr, Peter Jenkins, Miles Kington, Zoe Heller, Helen Fielding, James Lawton, Simon Calder, James Fenton and many more.

Fortunately, they are easily accessed and their peerless words safely preserved. All articles from The Independent’s relatively short but glorious history have been archived and are available online. It’s another new twist from the title that does not know how to stand still. Be our guests; enjoy some of the best, most powerful, most informative writing over the past nearly three decades.

The Independent Digital Archive 1986-2012 forms part of the Gale NewsVault programme, a cross-searchable collection of more than 15 million pages of newspaper and magazine archives, including the Times Digital Archive and the Daily Mail Historical Archive - This archive is available as a subscription or one-off purchase to all academic, public, school, corporate and government libraries.

Chris Blackhurst was Deputy Editor of The Independent on Sunday from 1996 to 1998 and Editor of The Independent from 2011 to 2013.  He is now Group Multi-Media Head of Business across The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, the i , the London Evening Standard and London Live.

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