New things to try in 2013

Phil Bradley recommends we try some new tools - or revisit ones we may previously have rejected.

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News aggregation

Another thing that I'd suggest that you might want to consider doing is to start making use of what I call News aggregation tools. These are tools such as Zite, Paper.Li and The first of these is designed for tablet or mobile use, while the other two are web based. They all will gather information for you based on your interactions with friends and colleagues on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and they're a great way to keep up to date with what they are looking at or talking about. If you'd like to take a bit of an exploration you're welcome to take a look at the 'Phil Bradley Daily' which will show the type of thing that I'm interested in. Although I'm rather quaintly described as the 'Editor' I don't actually do any work with it at all - I've just linked to things and talked about subjects on Facebook and Twitter as I normally do, and the resource has taken care of the rest for me.

Another similar tool, but one which takes a little more work is as this requires you to create a topic page and then click on a bookmarklet to add new content. You can see mine on Internet search at I like Scoop because it's easy to use, very easy to create and a great way to keep people up to date with the subjects that you're interested in. Although you do have to remember to add in new content, once you get into the habit of it, you can suggest that people subscribe to your topic page and they'll love you for it.

Explore start pages

I'm a great fan of start pages, since they're an excellent way to save time and pull all of the content that you're interested in to one place. My preferred resource is called Netvibes and it's simple to set up (free of course) and extremely powerful. Also it's not only useful on a personal level, but you can use it to create your own publically available pages which are hosted by the company but which you can change at will. If you've always wanted to be in control of your own site, but haven't had the time or ability to create something, give Netvibes a whirl.

And.... Relax

Finally, there's no point in working every second of the day - we all have to have a bit of relaxation at some point don't we. Take a quick look at the Fail Blog now and then - it's a bit of a change to cat pictures, and there's some very amusing material there - some of which I've actually used in presentations before now, so you might even be able to make a case for viewing it while you're at work.

I hope that's given you a few ideas of things to explore and try out - and my very final, final point is to keep up to date with internet search on my blog and my blog on all things social media.

Phil Bradley is an information specialist and well known Internet consultant. He runs courses on various aspects of the Internet, is a webpage writer and designer, is the author of several books about the Internet and speaks on various Internet related subjects at conferences.

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