Phil Bradley

Phil Bradley is an information specialist and well known Internet consultant. He runs courses on various aspects of the Internet, is a webpage writer and designer, is the author of several books about the Internet and speaks on various Internet related subjects at conferences.

Articles by Phil Bradley

Initially very excited about ChatGPT, it didn't take long before some of the flaws in the program became evident to Phil Bradley. Consequently, what had looked like a very useful and powerful tool was quickly becoming nothing more than an idiot savant. Phil then found some plugins that are really helpful.

Posted 5 September 2023

Despite his many years in the information industry, following technological advances from CD-ROMs to the early years of the internet, the dot com boom, and the development of social media tools, Phil Bradley admits he has have never seen anything like the explosion of AI based tools, and the opportunities that they are bringing us.

Posted 4 July 2023

Phil Bradley reflects on the lessons we all should learn from the shutdown of Google+.

Posted 23 October 2018

Phil Bradley explains what net neutrality means - and why information professionals should care.

Posted 18 May 2018

Phil Bradley's local library is a lively community hub - and is all the better for it!

Posted 26 January 2018

Phil Bradley thinks we should commit to some simple new year resolutions.

Posted 15 December 2017

Phil Bradley explores why people create fake news stories - and what librarians can do to educate and guide.

Posted 2 December 2016

Phil Bradley explores the knee jerk responses many people have to online content. They violently agree or disagree with it, repost, re-tweet or reshare it - and all without really thinking things through.

Posted 24 May 2016

Phil Bradley's new book aims to help librarians maximise impact and reach.

Posted 29 January 2015

Phil Bradley reviews Europeana's new resource released to coincide with the centenary of the outbreak of WW1.

Posted 14 February 2014

Phil Bradley on why information professionals should be adding Google+ to their social media portfolio.

Posted 24 July 2013

Phil Bradley encourages us to try new ways of presenting, sharing and creating information.

Posted 20 March 2013

Phil Bradley recommends we try some new tools - or revisit ones we may previously have rejected.

Posted 18 January 2013

Phil Bradley picks some of his favourite new web tools.

Posted 29 November 2012

Phil Bradley looks forward to his presentation at Internet Librarian International 2011. He just can't tell us anything about it yet!

Posted 1 September 2011