Enterprise Search – how to triage problems quickly and prescribe the right medicine

Practical methodology focuses on quick wins, user feedback, and frequent iteration to deal with enterprise search challenges

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Third. the search user interface should be considered. Again, a focus on quick wins is important, and Lippell recommends that search managers seek out "guerrilla feedback" to keep things moving along.

Next, consider the technology platform currently being used. Is it optimally configured, and is the configuration documented and understood? To help with this task, she recommends frequent benchmarking, and setting up a test environment.

Finally, look at people and process. Ongoing quality management is vital, and should include clear accountability, the performance of regular editorial and technology tasks, and support and guidance for content teams. Stakeholder workshops may be useful here, even if they give people a platform for complaining about the current state of search – “moans may be the best feedback, as long as it’s not a grumblefest”, says Lippell.

This sort of triage can be done quickly, provided you prioritise areas for action, according to Lippell. She stresses that it’s important to delineate both quick wins and a longer term strategy, and to focus on quick wins to stabilise and restore confidence. She recommends that search managers iterate often, and shout about improvements as they occur. Strategy and culture change will take longer.  

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