Enterprise Search: critically important but senior managers need to understand what’s involved

Survey: enterprise search is critical to business success and is moving up the business agenda. But senior managers need to be sold on its importance.

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Given the importance of the task at hand, it’s notable that search practitoners are having to do a lot with a little. 47% of respondents said that less than one FTE was responsible for administering, developing and implementing search within their organisation. 17% reported between one and two FTEs, and 17% 3-5 FTEs. Looking ahead to 2016, however, this situation was expected to improve, with 43% of respondents expecting a budget increase in that timeframe.

"It’s hard to make search sexy for senior managers”, said Kristian Norling in an interview with Information Today Europe. “But that doesn’t worry me. We need to be honest with them that the work needs blood, sweat and tears to get right."

The best strategy to persuade senior management, says Norling, is to focus on elements of risk management and cost, and to distill search analytics into easily digestible graphs and tables. "It’s good to use examples that lessen the friction in an organisation – for example, showing how effective search can increase internal job applications."

Norling is encouraged that there is growing interest in search.

"It’s gradual, but it’s going in the right direction. There will be more people focusing on search, and an increase in budget. It demands stamina, and lots of hard work, and an investment in effort, time and money is needed."

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