Digital detoxing - librarians and information literacy

LILAC attracts librarians and information professionals who teach or are interested in information and digital literacies.

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There was a huge amount of practical advice offered by the presenters at the Teachmeet where presenters had five minutes to talk about something that they implemented covering creative methods of induction, webinars and workshops for academic staff.


Librarians are transforming their inductions - from the singing librarian (John Wright) meeting the needs of a creative faculty by using video and song, to the challenge of providing an interactive induction to distance learners as described by Charlotte Gleeson.

The conference not only provided answers but also raised questions about what it is librarians could be and should be doing to make a difference to students educational learning experience.

Sam Aston works in the information skills team at the University of Manchester Library, developing and delivering generic skills training to PhD students on a range of subjects including social media, blogging, avoiding information overload, RSS feeds and research dissemination.

Louise Johnston is an Academic Support Librarian at London College of Fashion, supporting business and management students and coordinating e-resources for the college.

Image courtesy of Ewa Roskosz via Flickr.

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