CLOCKSS – a community governed archive

Collaboration between publishers and libraries demonstrates a shared commitment to preserving digital assets while supporting OA.

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Ensuring researchers' access to academic content

Collaboration between publishers and librarians has contributed to the defining of the goals of the CLOCKSS Archive. In short, the archive wants to keep academic content in the hands of researchers, available for their academic goals, and available forever. CLOCKSS is the source of last resort when content has disappeared from online access. The unique composition of the board, which is by design a 50-50 split between the two groups, allows for reasoned debate over the guidelines of the archive, a balanced set of viewpoints, and a commitment to work together to keep the business model and governance of the CLOCKSS Archive properly focused on the changes in the academic environment. Guided by the board, the CLOCKSS Archive has expanded its original focus on journals to now embrace and preserve all forms of web publishing, including e-books, databases, datasets, and related academic content.

To sum it up, I offer a quote from a founding board member: "As more and more of our collections become electronic, it is the responsibility of libraries to protect these digital collections for future generations. CLOCKSS is a trusted model that allows libraries to take action as part of a united community." -- Ernie Ingles, Vice Provost and former Chief Librarian, University of Alberta.

Randy S. Kiefer is the Executive Director of the CLOCKSS Archive.

Image courtesy of Lee J Haywood via Flickr.

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