A recipe for data: lessons from EUDAT

EUDAT understands what is important when it comes to common data services.

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So what can you cook? You choose …

EUDAT provides an integrated solution for finding, sharing, storing, replicating, staging and performing computations with primary and secondary research data. EUDAT is currently rolling out its first set of data services, with more to come in 2014. Based on your data needs you can pick one or more …

B2SHARE: a user-friendly, reliable and trustworthy way for researchers and communities to store and share small-scale research data coming from diverse contexts.

B2SAFE: a robust, safe and highly-available replication service allowing community and departmental repositories to replicate and preserve their research data. Different access and deployment options are offered which range from tailored solutions for Fedora and DSpace repository systems via simplified utilization options to a full integration of repositories with the network of EUDAT data nodes.

B2STAGE: a reliable, efficient, easy-to-use service to ship large amounts of research data between EUDAT data nodes and workspace areas of high-performance computing systems.

B2FIND: a simple and user-friendly portal to find research data collections stored in EUDAT data centres and other repositories. B2FIND harvests metadata from diverse sources, maps it, and makes it publically available through its cross-disciplinary catalogue.

EUDAT also offers Data Management and Open Access Support. As a cross-community, data-driven project EUDAT is strongly positioned to support the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 open access data pilot aiming at a reliable and high-performance infrastructures for data management – because EUDAT shares the same goals. Read the EUDAT Policy on Data Management and Open Access to Research Data.

Still need help in getting your recipe right? Learn about the fundamentals of data infrastructures and how EUDAT services can help you. Co-located with the Research Data Alliance Third Plenary Meeting in Dublin, the first in a series of EUDAT training events on this topic takes place on 25th March 2014 and is open to all. If you can’t make it to Dublin, then come to Athens on 2nd April – co-located with ICRI2014 at the Training on data services organised by EUDAT & GRNET with support of CHAIN-REDS. For more details on training - http://www.eudat.eu/events/upcoming.

More about EUDAT - (www.eudat.eu) is a pan-European data initiative that started in October 2011 and which brings together a unique consortium of 26 partners, including research communities, national data and HPC centres, technology providers, and funding agencies from 13 countries.

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