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i2c2 returns

The Innovation, Inspiration and Creativity Conference (i2c2) for librarians is returning in 2017.

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This conference, rated highly when last held, is returning for 2017.

The organisors are looking for people that can contribute their experiences and knowledge to the conference. The overall theme of the conference is Innovation, Inspiration and Creativity, with a subtheme this year of "making, playing, co-creating". This covers library and information work in any sector and anywhere in the world, along with associated professions.

We're also open to sponsorship by anyone who wants access to a bunch of creative, enthusiastic changemakers working in libraries of all sectors.

There are some slots for presentations, but most conference slots are expected to be workshop based with a high degree of attendee involvement. So if you propose something longer than a lightning talk, think "can I help attendees learn something to apply to their own practice?" and not "can I put a set of slides together about a project I did".

We will have posters (possibly with a prize for best poster!), lightning talks (5 minutes), a small number of short presentations (20 minutes), interactive workshops (1 hour), and are also open to creative suggestions or alternatives. There are discounted (not free) places available for anyone accepted to run a workshop (1 per workshop), with a special link being sent out to any workshop proposals accepted.

Call is now open until May 2017 for full workshops, short presentations and "alternative" slots. Call closes early October 2017 for posters and lightning talks.

The strands are:


This could be maker spaces, 3d printing, art workhops, music creation, publishing, printing or anything else to do with creating materials.


This is specifically playing as adult users or as information workers, rather than play for children. It includes not just games (digital or non-digital), but anything related to encouraging or enabling play, playfulness, games and gamification in our spaces and our work. It might include high tech stuff like mucking about with rifd or the internet of things for funky things, or low tech, like encouraging users to write on the walls!


Working with our users, other professionals, or anyone else to create services and materials. Tell us about collaborations that worked or didn't work and help people create their own collaborations.

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