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PubHive Launches Enterprise Portal & Tailored Literature Workflow

PubHive Navigator Enterprise Portal consolidates all workspaces, virtual libraries, folders, and internal content into one intuitive research platform, streamlining tailored research workflow and collaboration.

London, United Kingdom  ()

PubHive Ltd., a leading provider of AI-powered scientific literature & safety information workflows, today announces the launch of its groundbreaking PubHive Navigator Enterprise Portal, a state-of-the-art discovery and content management portal designed to revolutionize research processes for life science companies and their diverse divisions. This innovative platform is poised to transform the research landscape for medical affairs, clinical affairs, pharmacovigilance, drug safety, knowledge management, medical devices, and other related departments.

PubHive Navigator Enterprise Portal offers a comprehensive solution to make research easier and maximize the value of subscribed resources and tailored literature workflows. This powerful platform is designed to break down information silos, streamline literature workflows, and provide fast, secure, and easy access to all the biomedical research needed in a single enterprise literature workflow platform.

Key features of PubHive Navigator Enterprise Portal include:

  • Unified Enterprise Platform: Consolidate all workspaces, virtual libraries, folders, and internal content into one intuitive portal, streamlining research workflow and collaboration.
  • Unmatched Content Breadth: Access a collection of over 620 million medical references, including real-time updates from PubMed, Clinical Trials, and Patents.
  • Customizable Workflows: Create personalized research pathways tailored to specific departments like medical affairs, clinical affairs, pharmacovigilance, and knowledge management. This customization ensures that users have access to the specific resources and data they need, tailored to their research requirements.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate external and internal resources, including proprietary content and databases, for a comprehensive research landscape. This integration ensures that users have a comprehensive view of available literature and data, facilitating more informed decision-making.
  • Smart Content Curation: Leverage AI-powered search and filters to quickly identify relevant research and extract key insights.

"We are thrilled to introduce PubHive Navigator Enterprise Portal, which marks a significant advancement in the way life science companies and their divisions approach research and content management," said Raj Vaghela, CEO at PubHive. "Our platform empowers users with a single access point to a vast array of biomedical research, coupled with the flexibility to tailor their experience to their unique needs. We believe that PubHive Navigator will save valuable research time and enhance the decision-making process for our clients."

Beyond Literature Management:

Unlike traditional literature management systems, PubHive Navigator is designed to empower research teams with powerful features beyond content access:

  • Competitive Intelligence:Gain real-time insights into competitor research activities and trends.
  • Knowledge Management: Create and share internal knowledge sources to capture expertise and facilitate collaboration.
  • Research Insights: Extract key data and generate reports to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Enterprise Library Portal: Users can easily create their customized enterprise library portal, consolidating all workspaces and virtual library content onto one research platform. This consolidation streamlines workflows, making it easier to serve users efficiently and intelligently.

PubHive Navigator is not just about managing research content. It's about empowering research teams to work smarter, faster, and more collaboratively. By breaking down information silos and providing access to the most comprehensive set of resources, we're helping life sciences companies make better decisions, drive innovation, and ultimately bring life-saving therapies to the market faster.

PubHive is committed to providing innovative solutions that drive efficiency, collaboration, and productivity within the life sciences industry. For more information about PubHive Navigator and to explore its capabilities, please visit the PubHive website at

About PubHive

PubHive Ltd. is a cloud-based software company with a mission to make healthier scientific literature and safety workflows for life science companies across all stages of the commercialization lifecycle - from discovery to post-market. PubHive Navigator, the company's scientific workflow management platform, optimizes existing business processes and automates repetitive work for teams in regulatory and medical affairs, research and developmentdrug safetypharmacovigilance, medical devices, CER/PMCF, medical communication/writing, library, information managementdocument delivery, literature monitoring & reporting and other divisions. Powered by a proprietary Omni-Loop Artificial Intelligence (AI)TM engine, PubHive Navigator is the only 'fit for purpose' one-stop enterprise scientific workflow automation platform today, distinguishing itself through flexible end-to-end workstreams and intuitive interfaces that make literature handling quick and easy.



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