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LGBS rebrands to EUVIC

EUVIC wants to become Europe’s top option for agile IT outsourcing

Gliwice, Poland  ()

Polish leading IT outsourcing provider LGBS rebranded to EUVIC. The company has been formed by former LGBS, as well as Grupa Spot and Fild.NET. The latest companies were part of the EUVIC Group, the only federation of IT companies in Central Europe.

LGBS decided to rebrand after 10 years of operation. Along with it, the company revised its corporate identity and all marketing materials. It also unified its offer across its capital group, which now consists of the following services: IT outsourcing, software development and testing, implementation services (in the area of Business Intelligence cloud computing and ERP), application integration and IT help desk.

"We have been building a strong group for four years, taking minority stakes in companies that want to join us. We do not mean control over them, but a common business and mutual benefits. Today, we go to the next step, which is to merge willing businesses into one unit. For now, these are the two companies, but we are working on joining the next one. At the same time we want to maintain a flexible approach, giving the opportunity to conduct individual, almost completely independent activities for those companies of our group interested in such a scenario," said Wojciech Wolny, CEO of EUVIC and originator of the EUVIC Group.

Thanks to this rebranding, EUVIC also wants to be better prepared to afford all businesses interested in agile IT outsourcing easy and flexible access to highly-skilled and cost-effective workforce. With EUVIC you can get access to over 1,000 of developers skilled in many technologies, including .NET, Java, mobile app development, cloud enablement and development, application integration using several platforms, supporting existing applications in virtually any technology. You can get the programmers you need at once and as effective as your internal development teams. The company also has experience and knowledge how to derisk your projects.

“What distinguishes us from the competitors is our agile development specialisation. Throughout the years of our operation as separate companies we have gained the trust of about 900 clients from different sectors, including both global corporations as well as small and medium enterprises. In about 90 percent of cases we cooperate with them in the agile framework. For this reason we have a well-trained team, tools and procedures to help our clients in making their business more cost-efficient and agile,” said Andrzej Biesiekirski, V-ce President of EUVIC, responsible for customer experience.

Representatives of EUVIC stress that deciding to work with them you can expect that your IT spending will be reduced by half and you will be able to start your IT projects significantly faster, while spending less time on communication and collaboration with them than you did previously, with other IT providers.

“We have several case studies confirming that those are benefits enjoyed by our clients,” said Andrzej Biesiekirski.

At the moment the EUVIC Group consist of 9 companies. The axis around which the Group has been built is its largest company — EUVIC, responsible for just over half of the entire Group’s revenues that last year amounted to over €28 million. EUVIC has its headquarters in Poland and offices in U.S., Austria and Italy.

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