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Kudos launches new share channel comparator for publishers

Kudos launches new share channel comparator for publishers, revealing which sharing services and platforms are most used by researchers, and which are most effective.

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Kudos, the award-winning service for accelerating research impact through strategic communications management, today announced the launch of a new feature for publisher partners. The share channel comparator is a simple visualization providing information about where a publisher’s content is being shared, and which of the channels being used are most effectively driving readership.


“The feature draws on Kudos’ unique data set of communications by over 275,000 researcher-users, built up since 2013,” says Colin Caveney, Head of Publisher Business Development at Kudos. “Our publisher partners have always been able to access and analyse data about where their authors are sharing, and to what effect – but this new ‘at a glance’ visualization is a powerful new summary, saving them time and effort. It’s now easier to derive and act on insights from Kudos, in terms of evidence-based guidance to authors and marketers.”


The share channel comparator builds on two other recent developments from Kudos – the Shareable PDF feature, which enables and tracks copyright-compliant sharing across Scholarly Collaboration Networks, and a new share tagging feature, which enables researchers to categorize and track their many other online and offline sharing activities.


“Shareable PDF is the first and only mechanism for capturing and comparing sharing and usage across Scholarly Communication Networks – for example, it has shown that ResearchGate is the most popular of the large networking sites for our users, with nine times the volume of shares compared to Academia and Mendeley,” comments David Sommer, Kudos co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “Our share tagging has also been a revelation, showing that the ‘long tail’ of sharing – via channels such as events, email and offline discussion – collectively generates more engagement than the most popular channels. 


As pressure grows for researchers to increase the reach of their work, it’s vital that the research community can properly evaluate the full range of platforms being used by researchers to increase the visibility of their work. We’re excited that Kudos now makes it so easy to track, compare and report on the full range of research communications.”



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