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DeepDyve Selects Reprints Desk to Expand Access to Full-Text Articles

DeepDyve users can now buy single copies of full-text scholarly papers in addition to renting from a catalog that lists millions of available articles.

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Reprints Desk Inc. and DeepDyve Inc., the leading online rental service for scholarly and professional research articles, announced today an agreement to expand access to full-text articles for registered users by supplementing DeepDyve’s existing article rental and PDF purchasing service with an expanded list of titles for which the full-text can be legally acquired via Reprints Desk.

Users can search or browse DeepDyve’s catalog containing millions of scholarly articles across thousands of peer-reviewed journals. Upon discovering a relevant article, users can rent ‘view-only’ full-text articles for as little as $1 per article. They can also purchase an article following a rental or buy immediately without renting if they need a printable-PDF version of a full-text article. Previously, users could purchase only a subset of articles directly from DeepDyve.  This agreement with document delivery supplier Reprints Desk now makes the majority of DeepDyve’s collection available for purchase.

“DeepDyve primarily serves information professionals and scientists at small to mid-sized businesses who are no longer affiliated with an academic library and need simple and affordable access to this vital research.  We are pleased to offer them an expanded method for obtaining full-text articles that were not previously available for purchase in the service,” said William Park, CEO of DeepDyve. “This collaboration between DeepDyve and Reprints Desk represents yet another way that we’re providing access to participating  publishers’ content and ensuring that their intellectual property is protected by making article acquisition easy and legal.”

“This agreement continues to drive value for Reprints Desk’s and DeepDyve’s respective publishing partners by growing and penetrating underserved markets,” said Jan Peterson, Head of Publisher Relations at Reprints Desk.  “Rentals and document delivery complement subscription-based access and provide a copyright-compliant gateway to scholarly content.” 

Scholarly articles fuel research, innovation, and intellectual property protection for organizations around the world. DeepDyve provides simple and affordable access to millions of scholarly articles across thousands of peer-reviewed journals. DeepDyve has partnered with the world’s leading academic publishers, including Reed Elsevier, Springer, Wiley-Blackwell and more.

Reprints Desk helps customers to improve literature acquisition and spending. The company has held lone honors as the top-rated document delivery supplier in every document delivery market research survey conducted by information analyst and advisory firm Outsell, Inc., since 2008. Reprints Desk announced the launch of its proprietary document delivery Open Access (OA) Filter in March 2013, which helps corporate and academic customers to reduce unncessary document delivery spending on free articles.

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Reprints Desk improves how journal articles and clinical reprints are accessed, procured, and legally used in evidence-based promotions, medical affairs, and scientific, technical, and medical (STM) research. Organizations fueled by intellectual property (IP) choose Reprints Desk because of its collaborative business approach, efficient article supply system and services, and commitment to quality post-sales support. Reprints Desk has ranked #1 in the every Document Delivery Vendor Scorecard from industry analyst and advisory firm Outsell Inc. since 2008.


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DeepDyve provides simple and affordable access to millions of scholarly articles across thousands of peer-reviewed journals. DeepDyve has partnered with the world’s leading academic publishers, including Reed Elsevier, Springer, Wiley-Blackwell and more. Learn more by visiting us at, and follow us on Twitter (@deepdyve) and Facebook (


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