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Datafari 1.0 - A new open source enterprise search solution

France Labs, the open-source enterprise software developers, announces the release of Datafari 1.0, a packaged open source enterprise search solution already deployed at DBI Services and at the city of Montpellier.

Nice, France  ()

According to France Labs, the new product focuses on simplicity and on big data to enable companies to find their data wherever and whenever they are in a rights-secured environment.

Datafari integrates multiple data sources, including Sharepoint, emails, Dropbox, file shares and Alfresco using Apache ManifoldCF. Datafari software can be used on the cloud and on premise.

Datafari first full-scale roll out was at DBI Services, the Swiss IT expert for the handling of enterprise information systems: "With Datafari, our engineers gain time to interact with our customers and to come with answers. In a few milliseconds, it allows to have a 360 view on customer data (such as tickets and interactions) without knowing where the data are stored in our infrastructure" says David Hueber, COO at DBI Services.

The key components of Datafari:
- Integration of Apache SolrCloud ensuring it is big data ready;
- Analysis dashboards for queries and indexed documents;
- Released under Apache v2 licensed, ensuring easy reusability by enterprises;
- A full set of REST APIs to expose its connectors and its search engine.

"We are excited by the release of Datafari 1.0. Our market research has identified many types of usage, be it web search, intelligence, or enterprise search, which is our main focus. Beyond these obvious use cases, we have seen a strong demand to work as a white-label product in order to strengthen the search functionality of off-the-shelf products" comments Cedric Ulmer, president of France Labs.

Datafari will be officially presented at Documation-MIS in Paris on March 18th and 19th, 2015.

About France Labs:
France Labs provides products and services for enterprise search engines, in a big data environment. Its services range from consulting to training on search technologies such as Apache Lucene Solr, and Elasticsearch. Its customers include local governments who want to provide their employees with an intranet search solution, eCommerce companies, intelligence and document management companies. Its open source enterprise search engine, Datafari helps companies who want to better manage their data, for their customers, their employees and their partners.

Datafari is available for download at, or contact France Labs for more information.

More information about France Labs:

France Labs
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