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Call for abstracts: Better Together conference

Are you an expert in media or technology? Are you also inspired to work towards the ‘BetterTogether' goal? If so, we would like to invite you to submit an abstract with your ideas for a presentation, workshop or master class.

The Netherlands  ()

The 2017 BetterTogether Conference


Call for abstracts


Working together towards accessible information for people with low vision.

Wednesday 28 June 2017 | The Hague | The Netherlands.


Combing forces

If specialists and experts tap into their combined potential, they can produce something that's greater than the sum of the parts. This is Dedicon's inspiration and goal for the ‘BetterTogether Conference'. And this combined approach is great news for people with low vision.


Share your knowledge

Are you an expert in media or technology? Are you also inspired to work towards the ‘BetterTogether' goal? If so, we would like to invite you to submit an abstract with your ideas for a presentation, workshop or master class. Because by sharing your knowledge, we can work together to make information and technology more accessible, to help people with low vision of all ages participate in society more fully.


Together, we can expand the horizons of

everyone with low vision!



International stage for your ideas

 ‘BetterTogether' is part of the 12th International Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation (ISLRR) conference, being held 25 - 29 June 2017 in The Hague.  Dedicon is offering experts like yourself the opportunity to publicise your ideas, test and refine them on an international stage.


Your audience will act as an inspirational sounding board. Guests at the conference all have a greater than average interest in what you have to say: they are fellow experts, hold senior management positions and are extremely interested in the opportunities technology can offer for people with low vision.


Open dialogue is key

At Dedicon, we passionately believe that open dialogue is the key. It will lead to new forms of collaboration that will enable us to generate practical solutions to help anyone who is blind or with a visual impairment take fuller control of their own life. Irrespective of their age or background.


The power of collaboration: Win-win!

This is the philosophy behind ‘BetterTogether'. Because together we can achieve so much more.


Working together on a single mission

A major handicap of people with low vision is not their visual impairment, but their lack of access to information. Especially in a society increasingly dominated by a visual culture. Our ambition is to make this information available by giving everyone with low vision access to images, text and sound. Because access to information is the passport to fuller participation in society and equal opportunities.


Technological advances

Advances in technology and media are making a significant contribution to realising this mission. But which solutions offer the best potential? To create focus, coordinated innovation is crucial. This is why the ‘BetterTogether' conference will have three tracks, in which together we'll explore developments now, tomorrow and in the future:



Track 1: TogetherToday

Today, the technological challenges faced by people with low vision are considerable. But, fortunately, so are the opportunities that are available. This track looks at how we can help anyone with low vision gain, or regain control over their lives. Off-the-shelf products and advice on accessible information can help people address the challenges and access the opportunities.


There are so many applications already available to help with reading, learning, finding information and communicating. But which ones are worth taking on board? And how do you make sure you get the best out of them?



  • Digital content / ePub3
  • E-books / e-readers
  • Apps / smart phones / tablets
  • Accessible content sharing solutions
  • Streaming distribution / online solutions
  • TactileGraphics / 3D printing



Track 2: TogetherTomorrow

Tomorrow will be here sooner than we think. And the great news is that there are lots of exciting developments just around the corner. These are the tools that will offer you real opportunities to allow the visually impaired to function independently. A large number of developments is in the pipeline and will be available shortly. They lie just around tomorrow's corner.



  • iBeacons
  • Accessible multimodal interfaces
  • Automatic image recognition and description
  • Internet of things (domotics / home automation, devices, etc.)
  • Wearables
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Self-driving cars (Google, Tesla, Toyota)
  • Virtual personal assistants



Track 3: TogetherToBeContinued...

What will the world look like in 2025? One thing is sure: lots of things will have changed! The question is, what and how? And how will these changes impact people with low vision? We are convinced that, whatever changes there are, the world will definitely be a better place if we work to create it together! Continuing to come up with more and more innovative ways to ensure equal opportunities for people with a visual impairment. How do you see the future? We want to hear your vision.



  • 3.5D printing
  • Smart clothes
  • Humanoid and other robots
  • Ultra-intelligent electronic agents
  • Haptic / tactile feedback
  • Electronic paper (OLED)
  • Information sharing in 2025
  • Libraries in 2025



Collaborating to facilitate inclusion and opportunity


Your presentation, master class or workshop

Are you a specialist in one of these areas, or do you have another specialist field you believe is relevant?  Are you willing to share your knowledge and insights? Perhaps you have an inspiring example of a successful collaboration. We just can't wait to receive your proposal for a presentation (30 minutes), master class or workshop (90 minutes).



Your proposal should include:

  • Your topic and track you believe it suits best
  • A summary of your ideas
  • Your approach
  • A bit about yourself: your CV and passport photo


Send your proposal to before 15 December 2016.


Any questions?
Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your ideas:


Important dates

Last submission date: 15 December 2016

Notification of acceptance: 15 January 2017

Deadline for final paper submission: 15 February 2017





The ‘BetterTogether' congress is being organised by Dedicon.


Programme Committee

Maarten Verboom

Inge de Mönnink

Richard Schoonderwoerd

Bart Vroom


We look forward to receiving your contribution.


Best regards,


Maarten Verboom





About Vision 2017

The conference ‘BetterTogether' will be part of a leading international conference on visual impairment: Vision2017, being held in The Hague 25 - 29 June 2017. The main theme for the scientific programme is ‘Low vision rehabilitation, a global right'. For more information about Vision2017, see //


Hosted by The Hague

The Hague has lots to offer as a conference city. The international atmosphere is great for networking and exploring. Discover The Hague


Together we are remarkable!

"Life is difficult and dangerous. Anyone attempting to go it alone is simply mad. We know to always do difficult things with a buddy. So if the journey of life is to be filled with setbacks and disappointments, with confusion and uncertainty, it makes sense that we should trust others to join us on the journey. As individuals, we're useless. We can't lift heavy weights and we can't solve complex problems. But together? Together we are remarkable!"

Simon Sinek




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