Public Policy

Improvements scheduled to be completed by 2020.

Posted 09 December 2014

In the UK there are calls for greater transparency in the collection of user data.

Posted 02 December 2014

The Wellcome Trust joins initiative open to researchers working on global challenges.

Posted 02 December 2014

Is patron driven acquisition (PDA) a tool for efficient information management?

Posted 13 November 2014

A new European Commission report describes the progress towards a European Research Area (ERA).

Posted 26 September 2014

New ruling by European Court of Justice sets out guidelines.

Posted 12 September 2014

Settlement means €10 million will be paid to Dutch actors and musicians.

Posted 10 September 2014

Shared data centre for academic and medical research.

Posted 08 September 2014

City of London Police warning against possible criminality.

Posted 02 September 2014

In the Australian state of Queensland a new model reflects the changed nature of library and information services.

Posted 21 August 2014

Google given 18 months to comply.

Posted 22 July 2014