Video super sharers

Research explores how people are sharing videos - and why.

This is the time of the year when Christmas adverts are making their way onto TV screens.  In the UK, the John Lewis department store gifted the nation a sentimental story starring Monty the Penguin.  Usually the star of the season, this year the John Lewis advertisement has serious competition from Sainsbury’s – with a tribute to the story of WW1 soldiers putting aside their differences to play a Christmas football match.  The advert has been hailed and reviled – and shared.

Research undertaken by Unruly shows that the internet ecosystem of video is becoming increasingly fragmented.  Although the majority of video shares (59%) are happening on Facebook, other platforms are growing in importance (Twitter (14%), Google+ (9%), Tumblr (6%) and Pinterest (4%). 

The report also finds that 18% of users are 'super sharers' - responsible for over 82% of all video shares.

The research looked at video sharing in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, South East Asia, Sweden, South Korea, UK and the US.

Other key findings

  • Germans are the most likely to watch an advertisement to the end (79%)
  • Viewers in the UK are the second most likely to watch to the end (77%)
  • Scandinavians share videos over the most diverse range of social platforms
  • Over 40% of shares happen in the first three days of release
  • Japan has the lowest proportion of YouTube viewing (19%); Brazil the highest (50%)

Why do people share – and with whom?

  • Happiness is the most effective emotional trigger for people around the world to share videos
  • Social motivations are more culturally dependent:
    • Sharers in the UK and the US are motivated to share by humour/laughter
    • Sharers in Brazil and Germany are more motivated to share by ‘exhilaration’
  • Users in the UK are more likely to share with family members; Scandinavians with ‘select friends’ and Germans with their best friends.

Key lesson

To ensure maximum impact, you should target super sharers.

Source: Unruly.