UK is the digital capital of Europe

Tech Nation 2017 report explores state of digital technology in UK.

The latest Tech Nation report analyses over 2,700 survey responses 1000+ data points and in-depth interviews with industry experts to provide insights into the current state of the digital tech industry in the UK.

In 2016 investment in UK digital tech investment was 50% higher than any other European country

  • Total investment in 2016 was £6.8 billion
  • Over the past five years UK digital tech attracted £28bn investment (France in second place attracted £11.4bn)
  • UK Digital tech turnover reached almost £100 billion, up 10%+ in just five years
  • Digital tech success not limited to London – Cambridge and Edinburgh emerging as important tech hubs
  • 2015 turnover of digital tech industries was £170 billion, up by 22% in five years
  • Over the past five years London attracted more investment than Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam combined


  • UK is home to 8 of Europe’s top 20 universities (Germany has 4; Netherlands 3)
  • There are 1.64 million digital tech jobs in the UK
  • Digital tech job creation outpacing non digital at a rate of 2:1
  • 13% of digital tech employees in the UK are from abroad; rising to 31% in London and the South East
  • London has nearly twice as many Github users as Paris or Berlin
  • Digital tech salaries are outpacing all others
  • Talent supply is the UK tech industry’s major challenge
  • London hosted 22,000 meet ups in 2016 (Berlin in second place hosted just under 8,000)

Future actions and challenges for policy makers

  • Address skills shortages, through education; apprenticeships; engagement
  • Address sector gender divide by reskilling women; working with business to commit to gender equality
  • Improving access to funding at all stages of growth
  • Boosting digital connectivity

The full 124-page report can be downloaded here.